Katherine in front of Henrietta’s Cottage

Katherine in front of Henrietta’s Cottage

Lakeland Cam and England’s fabulous Lake District

Everyday I visit the amazing website Lakeland Cam and post my favorite photos of the day by the very talented Tony Richards. My thanks to Tony for allowing me to post his lovely photos. 

As you may have guessed I love the English Lake district. It is the setting for my current writing project and the subject of many of my paintings. 

If you’re a King Arthur fan, the Wild Forest, where Arthur was brought up tutored by Merlin, is in the Lake District. If you’ve read the Mary Stewart Merlin Trilogy, most of the book “The Hollow Hills” takes place in the Lake District. The ruins of the Roman Fort Galava is located just outside of Ambleside. 

My current painting is of a lakeside cottage with my main character Katherine sitting on a stone wall in front, cup of tea in hand while Betrys, her tour guide Henrietta’s faithful Border Collie stands guard. 

I plan to post this painting when it’s completed and I’m a bit nervous about it. Hopefully it will provoke some positive comments.